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What is it like to live in New York?

General question doesn’t matter what part

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    It's FREAKING awesome.............greatest city on earth.  There isn't another one like it.  No matter where you are from, no matter what language you speak, there's a place and festival for you. 

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    It's certainly nothing like it was even a generation ago, that's for sure. New York City isn't one single municipality - at least not in terms of the general feel of the place. It's 200 individual, distinct cities intertwined together. The South Bronx is nothing like Tottenville. Brooklyn Heights is nothing like Bayside. What's it like living in a  high rise building along Central Park? Nothing compared to living in a dingy apartment in Co-Op City or in a single family home with a backyard along a tree-lined street in Forest Hills. Kids who grow up in the projects in Brooklyn don't have anything in common with kids who grow up in a split level on Staten Island. People who commute into Midtown Manhattan from places like Wakefield or Bay Ridge don't live anything like people do in East New York or Soundview. 

    Some parts of New York are really industrial - there are factories and machine shops and it's all dingy brick buildings along old cobblestoned streets and in other parts of the city you can drive through clumps of woodland or along boulevards that run along the shoreline. Ask a person from Bushwick what it was like to grow up there during the 70s and 80s, then ask somebody from City Island. 

    There is no city in the world like New York, no city that's as vibrant or as varied, but it's also constantly in a state of flux too. The New York of the last generation is gone. Allerton isn't all Irish pubs anymore. Coney Island isn't a summer playground. 18th Avenue isn't a slice of Italian America. Bed-Stuy isn't a ghetto anymore. Everything is different, and in ten or 20 years they'll all be different from the way that they are now. There's no one way to answer the question "What's New York like?" because there are 200 different New Yorks that are completely dissimilar from one another.  

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    We live about 90 minutes north - it is green and quiet here.  We (normally . . ) are in NYC every couple of months or less, to hear concerts, visit museums, dine out, and for music business things ( we are professional classical musicians.)  Perhaps if we lived in the city, we would do some or these things more often - and maybe not.  It is far worth it to us to live this distance away, and have a home that is gorgeous, and in a quiet and green place - yet we can get to anything we want, whenever we want.  During this CORONA situation, many people who have second homes near here, have moved up, and telecommuted - and now properties are selling like crazy to people who realize that you can live where you wish for many jobs - as long as WIFI works.  You can buy your food from local farms - picked that morning, never shipped or even refrigerated.  You can take long walks and not see another person.  If you live in NYC - you had better have a darn good reason to stay live there, because despite all it truly WONDERFUL attractions - it is crowded, noisy, not always clean enough, and EXPENSIVE.  You cannot move here, starstruck about an life you *saw* on TV - because unless you are a multi millionaire, you cannot afford anything decent or at all spacious to live in.  The TRULY rich, live outside the city, or at the least, have second (or more) homes elsewhere. You cannot move to NYC and think you can rent a teeny place to live in, and then find an entry-level job.  Nope - not gonna happen - this is not Arkansas.  So if your ideas about NYC come from TV - guess again.  People that WORK in NYC often have long commutes every day - from places where they can afford to live.  One real estate developer was selling new homes in Pennsylvania - the ad said that if you are going to be commuting 2 hours each way, every day, you might as well come home to a new suburb!

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