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I ordered a product from wish list, but saw my receipt and it said it's coming from China ?

My friend's kid ordered something from China and when he got the package he couldn't breathe right and they had to call an ambulance. The doctor ruled the diagnosis to be a panic attack. Anyways, I am kinda concerned that my product is coming from China since corona virus started from over seas in China. Should i refuse the package?

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    Welcome to the REAL world. Lots of the stuff you regularly buy comes from a long distance.

    So far no one has reported the virus surviving the shipping process over the ocean in/on packages.

    Of course no one knows if your delivery driver might have the virus but it is doubtful that the package is contaminated from China.If that were true then Walmart and most other similar stores would have shut down months ago filled with contaminated stuff.

     The doctor ruled the diagnosis to be a panic attack.

    Are you trying to have one yourself?

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    The virus cannot be transmitted that way (it won't last on the packaging); and besides, there are more cases in America right now. You're more likely to get it from the postman than the package. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Everything comes from China, stores are full of stuff from China. If you are that worried leave your delivery in the garage for 72 hours before opening it.

  • Olive
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    2 months ago

    The CDC mentioned month or so ago that the virus dosent live on the surfaces of things. Lot of stuff even at Wal-Mart etc are from China. Best thing to be cautious is just spray disinfectant over the package. It should be fine tho, but if really unsure, should just see if you can cancel it

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