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What travel adventures would you recommend? ?

Obviously with covid 19 happening, its not possible anytime soon. But I am hoping in the next year or two, when everything has calmed down, that I will be able to go on an adventure abroad. Would anyone be able to recommend the best way to go about this and the most legit companies. I am 27 years old (will be 28/29 when I will be hoping to travel). I will have finished a degree in animal science. So would be interested in anything to do with animal care abroad, if possible. 

The places I would be interested in travelling to would be:




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  • If you plan to go to Thailand the law requires you to have a volunteer visa with the company you plan to volunteer with.  If the company says they do not do that then they are not legit and you could get into trouble if caught.  Also agents willl try to cheat the system so be careful.

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    I'm no expert here. General knowledge is that 90% of charity/volunteer work has to do with human beings - CARE, Peace Corps, Doctors Without Borders. And I suspect that most work with animals is going to be scientist positions, which would mostly be paid. Sure, there are always volunteer spots in zoos  and parks or what have you. I think maybe 1000 positions for feeding starving children, maybe 20 for caring for elephants. The below address popped up as "UK" but we have a cousin who was with them for some years as a late teenager. He went to the Amazon basin to study the rainforest:


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    Well, there are several issues here.

    One is which country are you a citizen of, as that will affect which countries you can visit without a visa, and which you will have to get visas for before making the trip.

    Next, if you plan to work in a country you have no status in other than visitor, you can't. You would need to apply and receiver a valid work permit BEFORE leaving your country. If, for example, Canada Customs personnel felt you were coming to Canada to work under the table, they could and would refuse you entry, which would mean that you'd have to buy a new ticket to go back to your country then and there.

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