Who owns the copyright for a comic? The writer/creator or the artist?

So, I'm writing a comic book with a friend, and we're trying to start our own publishing company to sell them. 

I spent years slowly building up a collection of heroes in various stages of development before my friend came on board. We've gotten to the point where we need artists, first to assist with character design but also to actually draw the comic, and one of our prospective artists has helped raise the issue of copyright.My assumption is that, as I created the characters, the company (me and him founded it a few weeks back), wrote the script and it's all my idea, that I /the company own the copyright.

My artist says they'll own the copyright and they'll licence the artwork. 

I'm confused as to which way is right. I don't want to take a side that isn't the accepted route, but at the same time, the idea of someone essentially licencing my own comic book to me, for me to sell doesn't sit well with me. 

Is there anyway someone could give some guidance please? 

Thank you.

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