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1.Polygamy has been the focus of discrimination against the Mormons.

2.The religious use of peyote by indigenous peoples in North America has only begun in recent years.

3.The amendments to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 negate the Oregon v. Smith decision and provide federal legal protection for members of the Native American Church in their religious use of peyote.

4.Rastafarians have been just as successful gaining legal protections for the sacramental use of marijuana as members of the Native American Church have in protecting the sacramental use of peyote.

5.Members of the Native American Church no longer use peyote as a sacrament, but continue to practice traditional rituals.

6.Members of the Native American Church accept the labeling of peyote as a drug.

7.The courts have not supported First Amendment Establishment Clause rights to teach creationism in public school science classes.

8.Accommodationists believe that both political and religious institutions are more likely to prosper if each intrudes as little as possible into the affairs of the other.

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9.The “coercion test” focuses on the primary beneficiaries of the challenged plan—the children enrolled in the school, rather than the schools themselves.

10.The “endorsement test” determines that the Establishment Clause is violated when the government sends a signal that a religion or particular religious belief is favored or preferred.

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    Do your own homework.

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    T F T F F F T F T T Not necessarily in that order

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