feminism is a racist patriarchal religion that promotes misandry and authoritarianism...?

...how may that have contributed to murdering George Floyd...?

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    "feminism is a racist patriarchal religion that promotes misandry and authoritarianism...?"

    Modern feminism certainly is racist and sexist with their use of identity politics.  I guess if we want to be more precise, we can call it a dogmatic ideology. In the case of feminism for this discussion, the dogmatic part can be described directly from the definition for dogma: -a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true- (whether it’s true or not). Feminism would be the "authority".

    That dogma is "feminist theory". All feminist theory is completely made up from the revolutionary social sciences which is not anything at all like irrefutable hard science. For example, there is no proof for "Patriarchy theory" or "Toxic Masculinity" or -gender as a social construct-, but social science lends itself to all of these if one wishes to make up theories to describe it.

    The problem with the feminism in particular is that IDEOLOGY gets in the way of any quest for "science" in the social science part of what feminism attempts to explain.

    In other words, Feminism is not a group of people who are truly interested in discovering truth behind the interactions between peoples leadership styles and their suggestibility in buying consumer products for example. That might be a social science that is looking for patterns of truth. Feminism is a DOGMATIC IDEOLOGY that has already made up it's mind as to what the conclusion are, and then suits it's "theories" to fit it's ideology. It then uses dogma in place of truth.


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