4(u-2)-6  ?

i dont know how to solve for the answer or what the answer is any help? and kinda need it as fast as you can xoxo thxs


i missed something,,after the 6 theres a u like 4(u-2)6u

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  • 1 month ago

    With just an expression like 4(u-2)-6, 4(u-2)-6u, or 4(u-2)6u, there's nothing to solve for because it's not equal to anything. But what you can do is simplify the expression. So I'll focus on simplifying. To simplify, you want to combine like terms, which in this case would be the U's.

    Step 1: Multiply 4 by (u-2). That would give you ____u - ____

    Step 2: Subtract 6u, which gives you ____u - _____

    Now if your problem were actually 4(u-2)6u, step 1 from above would remain the same. The only difference would be changing step 2. Instead of subtracting 6u, you'd multiply by 6u. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Check carefully to see it the question should be

    4 (u - 2) - 6u

    If this is the correct expression, here is the way to simplify it.

    1) Clear the parentheses by distributing the 4

    After you have distributed, you will have this

    4u - 8 - 6u

    2) Combine like terms

    After you have combined 4u with - 6u, you will have this:

    - 2u - 8 <-- answer

    The expression has been simplified as much as possible.

    It is not an equation because there is no equal sign, so it cannot be "solved"

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    1 month ago

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