My girlfriend said, I trap her and don't let her go anywhere?

I honestly disagree to this. It made me feel like crap and insecure about myself now. We lived in a ghetto city but sometime I tend to not let her go alone to stores just because she is going to the ghetto stores and me knowing the area, it has crazy and stupid people causing me to make sure I want to keep her safe. I guess for her, I'm being clingy. One time, she got mad and started yelling at me that I don't want her to see her family and I got pissed and said never have I ever said, you better stay home and don't go. I was coming a day after that and why do you want to take a train there a day before when we could go together the next day? Honestly, it hurts me that she doesn't appreciate that I just care about her. It pushes me to not care about her and let her do her own things. 

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  • 1 month ago

    then let her go and do stuff herself. let her see how it is being able to do stuff when she wants to and you be ok with it. She is capable and you are not her parent

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  • 1 month ago

    I expect she is young, and feels that you are beginning to treat her the way her dad did when in her early teens, for example. Try to be more accepting and not impose your own brand of logic on her. She wants to go by train perhaps for the time on her own, and then time with her parents. Don't crowd her. Get her some pepper spray. 

    Good !uck!

    • Human1 month agoReport

      Thanks for telling me. We are in our 20's. That definitely made me feel better. You are right and I should let it be.

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