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Why did WWE hire Jaxson Ryker (Gunner)?

He sucked in TNA. He sucks now. I don’t understand why they even hired him. 

BQ:What’s with WWE hiring former TNA wrestlers? DJZ, Killer Akron’s, Scarlett, Sam Shaw, and Jaxson Ryker, are all former TNA wrestlers. NXT is starting to look like a place where former ROH, TNA, and NJPW, wrestlers go to. Maybe WWE should focus on making their own stars. 

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    I agree. He sucks and should have been fired after his racist tweet

  • I liked his tag team with James Storm. DJZ and Shaw aren't very good I agree. Scarlett I know more from her days in ROH as one of the House of Truth's Hoopla Hotties and her current gimmick from myself living in Chicago and regularly attending AAW shows. Killer Kross I find to be very good and nobody in the U.S. has even scratched his potential yet.

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