How much would the rights be for an old 90s video game?

like twisted metal for example. How much would Sony probably change for the game IP rights?

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  • 1 month ago

    The price will depend on a couple of things...

    * If you're wanting to get a license to utilize the IP content in question OR outright own in.

    * The financial status of rights holder

    * Any competing items with the same IP.

    As you mentioned Twisted Metal...  The current owners is Sony Interactive Entertainment (as the publisher).  Since Sony (SIE, to be exact) is financially secure... they could practically sit on the series until 2090 (when the first game's copyrights expire & enter the public domain).  They most likely will NOT grants rights to another company to make a game in the series unless SONY is the publisher of the game (making it an exclusive to the Playstation series of consoles).

    On the other hand, take some older game series like Rampage & Gauntlet.  These were originally owned by Midway & Atari respectively, but when Atari went out of business, Midway purchased the rights from Atari for a few thousands of dollars.  When Midway when out of business, Warner Brothers Interactive purchased the rights from Midway's asset liquidation sale for a few thousands as well.  Which Tastemakers (the makers of the Arcade 1Up series of arcade cabinets) purchased a license to use their games, which Tastemakers likely spend tens of thousands of dollars & potentially some royalty payments to secure the rights to use said games.

    When it comes to licensed stuff, especially for movie-related stuff, they can get expensive quickly.  When Farsight Studios wanted to digitize The Addams Family pinball table (based on the 1991 movie) for The Pinball Arcade, they had to pay a total of $101,000 in licensing fees (which included the license for the table, the movie license as well as the voices & likeness of Raul Julia & Angelica Huston [as Gomez & Morticia Addams].  They attempted to a license for the likeness of Christopher Lloyd as Fester Addams, but was unsuccessful.  Therefore, they had to change the artwork to a more generic form of Fester as a result).  Farsight called out to their fans via Kickstarter help cover the cost of the license (which they had ~$3,000 from their previous Kickstarter project, so they were only asking for ~$98,000) in exchange of getting a copy of the table on their preferred platform(s) & getting their name in the credits for the table.  The license for the table expired in June, 2018 when Bally Midway & Williams decided NOT to renew their licenses for the Pinball Arcade & granted a license for Zen Studio's Pinball FX 3.

    Since content licensing is restrictive (as the content holder has a say on HOW you utilize their content... Disney had to follow Nintendo's rules on how Bowser moves & interacts with others when licensing him for Wreck It Ralph) & potentially expensive BEFORE you even create something with said content.  Rockstar Games likely spends hundreds of thousands on music licenses for the Grand Theft Auto titles & even then, they had to make a few updates to change & remove some songs because their licenses expired (& they couldn't get them renewed).

    Therefore, unless you know what you're doing & you're certain you'll be successful...  licensing content from others can be a fiscally risky endeavor.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you want to buy rights to a 90s ip its gonna have to be one that hasn’t been mentioned by the company anywhere since the 90s. If there’s been a game in the last 15 years you’re going to have to pay hundreds of thousands if not millions. You’d be better off buying the video game rights to a movie that has never had merchandise, I know comic companies do that sometimes and then make successful comics out of it revitalizing interest in the series. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Likely millions as Sony still sees value in the series. There are recent plans to a TV series but there has not been any major update in a year.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You could be expecting to pay thousands to millions. 

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