Was Justin Credible really a member of the Kliq?

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    I've always heard him jokingly referred to as the Kliq's driver or bag boy.  I also heard back in the day that he was Sean Waltman's cousin, but I've found nothing to validate that rumor.  The only connection that I've seen as being concrete reasoning for him being considered a Kliq member was he helped Scott Hall get into ECW for a short forgettable run (although I'm sure he didn't have to twist Paul Heyman's arm, but may have provided a direct connection to Paul E.) and also had a close relationship with Waltman.

    Considering being associated with the Kliq in any way shape or form didn't enhance his career or give him the power or numbers to push his way around backstage like the rest did, that it's fair to say Credible's more Kliq adjacent than full on Kliq.

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