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Why is my mom so overprotective of me?

My mom and I have a great and loving relationship and she's the best mom ever. However, she s very VERY overprotective of me. I'm a 27 year old woman and she's still very worried when I go on dates. She won't worry about me at work or school usually but she will worry every time I date a guy. Even if I tell her the guy is a good guy she still gets extremely worried and doesn t want me dating very much or if at all. If a guy says one sexual thing to me or even if he says something that could be considered "disrespectful" even if it isn t she will be upset. Is this just typical mom behavior? Or is she a little over the top?

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    Why is your mother aware of the details of conversation you have with your dates?  Stop telling her.

    Mothers generally are worried about the safety and happiness of their children -- even when the child is a capable adult.  Without knowing your culture or other information, it is impossible to guess what might or might not be on your mother's mind.  What I can tell you is the grow-ups don't tell their mother's every little thing that happens in their lives.

    If you want to know what's up with your mother, ask her.  If you don't want her up in your business, don't share some many details that aren't any of her business in the first place.

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    Seems like a bit much.  It's pretty standard for mothers to be protective, but this sounds like too much.  Tell her to mind her own business a bit.  "Your older now, so you need to learn on your own a bit", or something like that.

    Be wary of the "Helicopter Parent"  idea.  It's good to have a parent look after your well being, but too much is too unhealthy.

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    It's way different between sons and daughters, especially nowadays. If something goes wrong on a date the boy has nothing but memories. Whereas the girl may be pregnant. Girls are usually the bearers of exciting news.

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