How do they expand the houses in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

when you upgrade your house, it physically upgrades in size in the later ones. how does the game decide where they expand and how big will the final house be? Thank you in advance. 

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    In terms of your house in relation to the island, it's footprint remains the same... so you don't have to worry about expanding your house wrecking your layout.

    As for the interior, Dr. Who TARDIS concepts notwithstanding, starts as 4x4 (as a tent), then 6x6 home & 8x8 central room before adding rooms (Back, Left, then Right respectively; all being 6x6), your 2nd floor (6 x 10) & your basement (6 x 10).

    For the central room, the expansion radiates from the main entrance (so the new space will 2 units behind & 1 unit from the old room).  For the additional rooms, they just add a doorway for the 3 side rooms, then a staircase by the entrance for the 2nd floor & basement.

    Please be aware that you will be spending around 6 Million Bells to complete the expansion of your house.

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      Thank you so much

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    The first expansion pretty  much adds a few layers around the existing floor.

    I don't recall the exact grid, but let's say the house starts at 7x7, then after expansion it's 10x10.  The three new grid squares around the original squares.  So anythign that was against a wall will now have a few spaces between it and the wall.

    There are only two room expansions. The first you get the first house and lose the tent and the second after getting the larger room.  After that you gain new rooms that will be a fixed size and will no longer change.

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