Lost Facebook Streaming Connection?

Why? When there is a small variation in the transmission that I am watching live streaming, my laptop disconnects the video as if I lost my Internet connection and I have to close the image of the circle turning; and have to push play the video; this happens several times during the live transmission that I am watching. At the end of the transmission I see the repetition of the video and where I suffered internet cuts, I notice that there are a few jumps in the video but there were no transmission cuts, I mean 100% of the transmission was recorded but with small jumps, in that jumps my laptop disconnects and have to restart the streaming pushing the play video. my config: red 5 ghz, fb only SD videos, fb automatic reproduction, 

1 Answer

  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Is your Internet Connection Stable ? If its Stable then its a Bug with Facebook there is not much you can do to Fix It in that Situation as it would be on there End 

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