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i cant stand my mom anymore help me please?

my mom is so different around me, we used to be so close and now she's so mean. i didn't change at all, she doesn't trust me either. she always yells at me and takes my phone away early now. i don't even do anything, i hate waking up every morning because she always yells at me i just wish she wasn't like this. i still love her i just wish she was nicer to me. she doesn't trust me and she always tells me that i'm bad at everything i do and that my grades are awful and makes me insecure because of my acne and my nose. i already hate everything about me i don't know why she has to bring it up more. this morning we went to my school to pick up my stuff from my locker even though i told her that i had nothing and that i brought it all with me before schools closed. she didn't believe me and said "no you are lying i know you have stuff in your locker" turns out i didn't and i told her i had nothing in there because i took it all home with me. she started calling me a liar and said they probably threw it all away and then said that i BROUGHT HER TO THE SCHOOL AND WASTED HER TIME. i literally told her i had nothing in my locker multiple times and she didn't listen!! after that she took my phone away for no reason. I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING WRONG!! she is so strict, i can't do this anymore. i am only 14 years old and even if i try talking to her about how i feel she won't listen and still blame everything on me, i've already tried. 

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    She just hate Trump. Try to get along, do chores, try to get a part-time job and help out with the bills. Do as she asks until you are old enough and ready to move out.

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