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Do people become disabled after recovering from an infection in their foot that involves the lymphatic system? ?

My neighbor told me that he had an infection in his foot, but he was successfully treated and has no further pain and doesn't take any medications for it now. He claims that the podiatrist told him when he was 52 that he is not to work again, and so he would have to go on Social Security Disability. I've been to this same podiatrist when I was injured with severe, chronic pain, and she never told me not to ever work again.

Does his story make any sense? I've never heard of a doctor telling a patient that they cannot ever work again after recovering from an infection. Since recovering from his infection, this neighbor of mine has been shoveled snow, doing lawn mowing and stands on his feet without any issues and has no limp. Is he malingering? He wasn't making much money where he worked at the time, so I guess staying home and collecting government money is just as good?

But anyway, if I had an infection that healed, I'd be looking forward to going back to work. I can't understand how a healed infection can stop someone from holding a job. 

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    1 month ago

    This is 1 of those MYOFB. You do not really know his story or health. Worry abt yourself and your health issues.

    You are a different person than your neighbor, your health is different and probably a different age bracket as well.Each patient is different even with the same issue, and each doctor is going to treat each patient differently.

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  • 1 month ago

    there is no way to speculate or comment because you need to know the full story, which you may not get and is really probably not going to be shared. Its not easy to put someone on full disability, so it has to have back up documentation.

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