relationship advice? ?

hi guys. I need some help here as i’m very broken up about this. 

here’s some background: 

i’ve been in a relationship with someone for 3 years. during these past 3 years I haven’t met his friends or family. part of the reason is because he is not super close with his family. he has also not met my friends or family, but my parents and friends know about him.  

I recently found out that he’s been talking to another girl behind my back. he hasn’t met up with her as she lives in another state but has flirted with her. I immediately broke things off. he told me he did it because he didn’t think I took him seriously considering he’s never met my family and that he was insecure and didn’t think that I would stay with him because of the age difference. (i’m 23 and he’s 36). we have made plans for future together including kids/ moving in/ etc and i’m at a loss. 

should I give him another chance? 

thank you 


he told me that he is going to counseling and has removed social media.

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  • 4 months ago

    Just in case this is not a troll, the simple fact is that if you have been dating someone for 3 years and have not met each other's friends and family, then that is one of the most retarded relationships I've heard of. Get the hell out of there before you make a complete fool of yourself

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