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Should people who are apolitical be held responsible for civil unrest and inequality?

This isn't my claim but there are people who claim this that society has an obligation to be anti-racist and being "not a racist" isn't enough and if one is apolitical, they're responsible for deaths of those like george floyd. Do you agree?

Because i don't. Someone who works two jobs as an immigrant single mother who doesn't speak english shouldn't be held accountable for something that she had nothing to do. What are your thoughts?


If you agree, then can't someone say the same thing about peaceful protestors who doesn't stop violence by those who loot, steal, incite violence, commit arson be also held accountable for not being "anti-violent"????

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    They are the true political heroes.

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    4 months ago

    Whiteness is a virus that must be eradicated. We're tired of dying because of your fragile emotions and jealousy.

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    I don’t really know what you mean

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