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So uh how do i maintain a certain vocal range / voice?

The best of times in life were when I could do impressions on the spot that would make you dubop till you drop. Unfortunately after some time when I try doing the same voice again it doesn't sound the same and or decent. 

As a result 

My boss fired me.

My wife left me taking the kids.

My kids filed restraining orders on me.

My dog ran away.

My PS4 stopped working.

God banned me from the gates of Heaven. 

Sometimes I sit with a long vacant stare, where my mind either remembers the times I used to have a voice that could replicate others well. 

The mirror was once my friend, now it only serves as a reminder of what I've become. Who I will always be. 

Please yahoo, pls yahoo, plez yahoo, plox yahoo, how do i maintain an impression of a character without forgetting how to utilize the vocal range for it?

As a token of my appreciate I've linked a picture to this thread, of critically aclaimed musician, superstar, and holy spreader, Bono.  

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You may need speech therapy.

    That way your voice will be better.

    • Doo1 month agoReport

      Thanks brosky, sounds about right, appreciate the answer

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