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How to solve the following problem help me?

Fluid A density is 1.19 gr / cm3

, the specific gravity of fluid B is 2.35 N / m3

, the specific volume of C is 0.67


/ gr. The molecular masses are: A = 98 gr / mol., B = 36 gr / mol., And C = 18 gr / mol. The mixture is placed in a 5m diameter tank

and 6m high.

a) Determine: The density of the mixture

b) The specific volume of the mixture

a) 1,193.79 kg / m3

 0.0008376 m3 / kg

b) 1,492.1 kg / m3

 0.0006 m3 / kg

c) 1.49 gr / cm3

 0.67 cm3 / gr

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    you have troubles with units.

    and, you are probably a troll as you posted anon.

    but I will attempt to answer the question.

    specific gravity has no units

    specific volume has units but they are missing, unless the next 4 lines has the units of cm³/grain, which are very strange units. 

    (gr is abbrev for grain, g is abbrev for gram)

    Molecular masses are in g/mol, not grains/mole

    and biggest question, how much of each is in the mixture?

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