I don't know if I won the California ticket Golden State Riches bcuz I got a 5x symbol times $10 so you would think I won I don't know ?

I don't know if I won on my California lottery ticket and I can't seem to find this type of ticket on the internet where I could find some info about the certain ticket in order to win the different types of bonuses or the 21 chances to win for the bonuses I need to have 2 identical symbols and or for the 21 chances I need to match my number to the winning number I thought bcuz I got a 5x symbol I needed another 5x on the winning number but I only had one 5x symbol worth 10 dollars but I got a 5x symbol either way and it says if you get a 5x symbol you win automatically and multiply that number to the prize number so I think I won 50 dollars bcuz it was 5x times $10 I don't know please tell me if I won thanks for your help

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