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What does it mean if my Ketones are high?

What does it mean if my ketones are high but my blood sugar is either a little low or normal? I don’t want to type too much but I was having a lot of worrying symptoms (cold sweats, malaise, weakness- to name a few)- hospital couldn’t find too much wrong except that my ketones are high but my blood sugar was only a little low but still not worrisome low - I ate that day though and now I have been checking my ketones (got strips at A Pharmacy) - and I ate this morning- checked my ketones- three hours later and it was very high - then I ate a bigger meal and a little while later my ketones were low - overall though when I look online it says that ketones are usually that high if you haven’t eaten in 12 hours but mine rapidly goes high after not eating just for a few hours- what can this mean?


Also I have not been diagnosed with diabetes but I am worried because those symptoms happen a lot

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    If your blood sugar is low and your ketones are high that sounds to me like you've been starving yourself to death are eating really crappy food the alternative to that is that your pancreas is not working properly

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