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Why isn’t there a cure for the common cold or the flu?

I really wish there was one because it’s super annoying that when a cold or flu interferes with people’s traveling visits and instead of going sightseeing or going to an amusement park they’re being bedridden inside the hotel and constantly having to extend their hotel stay and that really stinks!  Colds and flu are just very despicable and annoying viruses and I hope that in the 22nd to 30th century they will come up with a cure for those annoying viruses!  And also it sucks that when kids have to make up school work when they’re home sick with a cold or flu! Why haven’t they come up with a cure for these world’s most annoying and pesky viruses? 

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    It's not "a" cold, or "a" flu. It's hundreds. They mutate and evolve too frequently for there to be a vaccine for them. Even flu shots are only immunizing you for the most common predicted strain. Currently the most effective way to significantly lower the spread of common colds are what we're doing now for the coronavirus: Maintain distance, wash your hands often, wear a mask, stop touching your face. If everybody decided to do this we would see an alarming drop in transmittable illnesses. Hope this helps.

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  • 1 month ago

    ...there is a way but you are anonymous.

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    The viruses mutate to often. 

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