Did I push away Taurus male? What did I do wrong?

This is my first FWB especially with a older man. I’m 23 and he’s 48. I’m a Aries and he’s a Taurus. I’ve known him for a long time and have had a crush on him since I was a teen hadn’t seen him in 8 years. Long story short we hooked up the sex was amazing, After that I flew back home. Fast forward a couple of weeks later I hadn’t heard from him so I thought he wasn’t interested in hooking up again. I messaged him telling him I’m gonna he back in town in a couple of weeks and if he was interested in hooking up again.

He said absolutely and we sexted for a bout a hour or 2. He was telling me how much he wanted me and he didn’t want to wait. I told him he would have to wait cause I couldn’t afford to fly any sooner. He said he wanted me so badly that he would help pay for me to get there. I told him I’ll consider it cause I don’t like ppl paying for me, it makes me feel bad. He said he understood and no problem. He told me to come to him anytime I needed to be satisfied. 2 hours later I messaged him asking when did he want me out there, he saw my message but didn’t respond. 2 days later I told him I officially decided to fly out there later in the month, he saw it and didn’t respond . Does this mean he lost interest and doesn’t want to meet up. He sounded so eager hours before. How can I play it cool without seeming clingy or desperate? Do Taurus men want to be chased? This is my first time dealing with a Taurus how should I play this?

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