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Should I force myself to play a game even if I'm not in the mood for that game?

I go through phases where I like this game, then a week later I'm in the mood for something else. I was into The Division 2 which I still love, but right now I'm feel really into Destiny 2 and ESO even though I want to play The Division 2. Should I force myself to play it or wait until I'm back in the mood?

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    Gaming is up to you.  What you want to play and what you think will fit your mood or help you with your mood.  Gaming is entertainment.  You shouldn't force yourself to watch a movie that everyone says is good but you don't really want to watch or you don't think it is good. There is nothing wrong with not playing a game you aren't in the mood for.  And even back to watching movies.  Maybe you feel like a Rom-Com.  Maybe you feel like Action, or maybe a thriller or horror movie, and maybe you feel like if you don't watch the Kids movie you are neglecting it.  If you don't want to watch the kid's movie don't.  All good.  

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