What do you think of these names for a boy?

Okay, My last name is Choy because my grandfather was Chinese. I do not look Asian at all, nor will my baby look Asian. Is it weird to give an light skinned (black) child an Asian name? I was thinking:

Kazuo Choy

Kiyoshi Choy 

Kheyong Choy

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  • 4 months ago
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    I love Kazuo!! 

  • 4 months ago

    never let strangers name your offspring

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    4 months ago

    you really don't know what a child will look like until they are born. many children do not look like their parents at all. because of how DNA works, sometimes appearance skips a generation. this is how a redheaded family can have one blonde child.

    you should always hold off on naming a child until they are born. compiling a names list is fine, but if you name them based on assumptions, you may wind up in a pickle when you have a blonde child.

    that being said, i am white, and i would have loved being named any of those names. with kids, they never seem to be satisfied with their own names, so you may as well name them whatever you want. mine was a normal name, but i hated it.

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