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AskI am suffering fluid retention and my legs and feet are very swollen. How can I relieve this?

Can you suggest herbs with a diuretic effect? Doctor won't give me medical diuretics. Just need to relieve this swelling by peeing more. Please don't suggest simply to drink less fluids Tried and failed.

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    Dandelion leaves, parsley, and hibiscus all have known diuretic properties.  Diuretics though only help to a point.  Ask your doctor to prescribe compression stockings - they are one of the most effective ways of managing edema. 

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    Go and speak to another doctor and ask for tests to find out why they are swelling because something is medically wrong but meantime lie on your bed with feet up against the wall and let the fluid drain out, do this for around 15 minutes a few times per week until you get a medical diagnoses

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