How do I solve these 3 Thermo I questions about pressure?

I have been trying to solve these questions for more than 2 hours but I cant find anything online that helps out... can someone help me out with these three thermo I questions? Please Help, how do I solve them?

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  • 1 month ago
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    You need to understand the terminology and you also need to know the pressure of one atmosphere = 101.325 kPa

    8. Vacuum means that is how many kPa it is below atmospheric pressure Subtract the vacuum pressure from 101.325 kPa and yu have the absolute pressure.

    9. This is a simple psi to kPa conversion.  I've included a link to help with any kind of pressure conversion below

    10. Gage pressure starts at 1 atm.  So just add the pressure to 101.325 kPa to get the absolute pressure.

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