Am I eligible for Fasfa if my Parent did not claim me?

I'm planning on putting my grandfather down as my parent because my real parents never raised me. I told this to my financial aid counselor and she basically told me I NEEDED to put my birth parents info when I can't do that since they abandoned me as a kid. Am I not eligible because I was raised by family members? … I also wasn't claimed on last years taxes I claimed myself. What should I do about the parent info? Use someone who has raised me or will that be invalid? 

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  • 1 month ago

    IF your grandfather was ever appointed as your LEGAL GUARDIAN, you would need only YOUR information - no parental data.  IF you were ever in Foster Care, the same would apply.  If you are not yet 18, get grandpa to obtain legal guardianship over you BEFORE you turn 18. If grandpa never did that, and if you were never in foster care, then you need to report your parent information AND get their signature.  If you cannot locate them and/or have no idea where they are, call the Financial Aid office at the school you plan to attend and ask them about what THEY need in order for them to consider you Independent when you don't meet the guidelines - it is called a "dependency override" - I would usually ask for secondary school records indicating that your parents are not in the records and that grandpa is/was your "parental contact", letters from school counselors, clergy, social or youth workers and from Grandpa which detail and support your situation that the parents have not & are not in the picture... but each school has its own requirements.

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  • Rick B
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    1 month ago

    The advisor is incorrect.  You put your legal guardian (your grandfather).

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    • John1 month agoReport

      Assuming the grandparents do NOT have legal guardianship, then that leads to a problem.  Dependency override appears to be off the table, since OP has already done the right thing and contacted the school's Financial Aid Administrator, and the Administrator is refusing to budge from the sound of it.

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