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Brick and Vent a Crawl Space?

I have a traditional ranch style home with a crawl space underneath the entire length/width of the house.  The entire front and left side of the house crawl space was bricked and vented when I bought the home back in the 80's. But the entire back and right side of the house crawl space was not.  I now have issues with animals underneath the crawl space scratching on the pipes. Neighborhood dogs chase the stray cats under the house, fighting and it sounds horrible plus I'm afraid they'll knock pipes loose with all the bumping.  Don't know where to begin but I'd like to have 6 of the open portions of the home bricked and vented with the remaining two entry points secured with some kind of door for access.  I have doors up now on those two access points but the cats are still able to get in due to the house shifting.  What type of company would do this kind of work?  I've tried handy men but none of them have any experience with laying brick.

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    What is the house sitting on if the back of the crawl space is open? A brick home would be set on a good cement foundation with small vents set in the foundation.  A picture might help.  

    - Edit to add - this a modular home?  One that is trucked in in pieces and set up?  or maybe even a double wide mobile home? That would explain the open area on two sides...

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