Can I sprinkle diatomaceous earth around my door and window sill to prevent bugs in my room? ?

So I believe I saw a American cockroach in my room yesterday night and tonight I saw a centipede. I’m not super freaked out by bugs but I’d prefer them to not be in my living space. I brought it up to my roommate and asked to get the house sprayed he got really defensive. I don’t have time or energy to argue with him. He feels like because we don’t have a crazy infestation that we should do nothing about it but 1. What woman doesn’t mind living with BUGS, 2. I have a cat. She’s not allowed out of my room so I have no choice but to have her food and litter box in here. It’s about to be summer and I want to open my window and not be paranoid looking at my walls every 3 seconds because I think it might be a huge bug there. If this isn’t a good option, what else can I use that’s not toxic to my cat? This is for prevention, I see a more waterbugs downstairs by the back door more than anything but bugs in my room is a newbie and a hell no from me

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