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How long do you think it will take for mass transit in nyc to get back to normal after COVID-19? I mean the commuter rails and busses that?

Run on limited service now or are cancelled. I am thinking around phase 2 or 3 of reopening if all goes as planned.

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    Maybe a small one sometime near start of Fall school and the after summer back to work routine. Do not expect much change over the next month or two. One step at a time. The public willingness to TRY their best in avoiding spreading viruses to those most vulnerable. It is not the ride on the train that is the big issue. What you do during your time between train rides is the problem each person needs to deal with.That you decide not to wash your hands properly,wear a mask when necessary and other basic behaviours is the bigger unknown. It will be a problem getting from A to B for a while longer it appears this corona virus will still be around when the annual fall flu thing starts up.The symptoms are similar the outcome if ill depends on your basic health not the other passengers on the train.

    NO ONE can guarantee the person in front of you or behind you getting on the bus or train has been doing what they should ALL DAY to control their spread of the virus.

    Officially it can be summed up

    “Nobody has been here before,” Mr. Cuomo said, acknowledging that even he was unsure how the city would move forward.“Nobody can give you the answers,” he confessed. “They don’t even know the questions.”

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