“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” ― Albert Camus?

What is the meaning of this quote?

2 Answers

  • People work hard, not smart. 

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  • j153e
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    1 month ago

    Albert Camus' quote is based on his life-experience, which was extremely challenging:  his father, who was comparatively poor, died in the first World War; Albert never met him; he had to separate from his mother, who was also poor, at age 17, when he contracted tuberculosis.  He worked part-time as an auto-parts clerk and at other jobs in order to attend high school.  His first wife, whom he met at University, was addicted to morphine, and he married her out of pity to help her; they divorced when it became known that she was carrying on an affair with her doctor.

    So, to keep normal in his everyday studies probably asked of Camus a tremendous expenditure of energy.

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