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Do you know that a Ghanaian actor named Appietus is also a major reason why I am so ugly and butt tooth and gap toothed? ?

He always screams his name Appietus in the beginning of a song from Ghana. He stole all my beauty and blessings and transformed me into a man over night. And it shows in every picture I take and In every video I record with my camera. It turns out Appietus is secretly the most unattractive man in the universe named Betty Appiah from Ghana Tema Community 4. And she went and raped every female in the world in a pornography called hentai bible black with my look and made females attracted to me instead of males. And also made every male in the universe jealous of me. The images of Appietus you see on google aren't accurate they aren't the real Appietus they are hiding the real Appietus image from the world.


Do you also know that Appietus has another side to him called the ruler or Brandon and Jonathan Bustamante's fusion and he is secretly my father? Who stole all my beauty and blessings and transformed my body into something hideous to become become a Greek god named Zeus and Jonathan Rhys Myers the actor?

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    You posted a few pic's last year, if that was you didn't look like that darlin. :-)

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