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How to make house cooler without A/C?

Hi. Recently it has gotten fairly hot outside in my area and as a result, my house has heated up quite a bit too. Is there any way I can cool my house down without air conditioning? My house temperature has read 27.5 degrees Celsius for the past two days and I have tried everything to reduce it. My windows and blinds are closed and the heat is set extremely low. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Start by turning your heat OFF and leaving it off. Why on Earth would you want heat on when your house is over 80 degrees? That makes no sense.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Heat?  I turn my furnace OFF for the summer months.(natural gas with pilot light) No pilot light means no gas is being used.

    .When does it get bearable outside?  Usually evenings. That is when you crack open the windows and have a box fan about window opening size blowing outside and block the opening beside it with a cardboard wall(which is cheaper than plywood)  Now kitty corner to that window maybe at ground level open another window and let the air come in from the outside through the house to be exhausted out the fan that is blowing outwards.  You are doing the whole house.  My outlet window is a nearly enclosed veranda so safe from predators(people trying to break in and my inlet window is my bedroom so the cool cools off my bedroom.  This runs all night long so you want a fan that does not make noise that you can hear from the bedroom.   I don't start until about 4 in the is still major hot outside but the air inside starts the circulation out.  You got to experiment with the timing.  It works.  You got to do this religiously daily.  Doors stay shut. Hopefully your house is insulated. It works better.

  • Mr. P
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    4 months ago

    Buy a ceiling fan with light. They really do make a difference sleeping.

    At night keep a downstairs window open a bit (if secure to do this) and an upstairs window open on the opposite side of the house. By natural convection all the hot air downstairs will rise and draw in cool evening air. If possible open the downstairs window on the shady (not hot) side of the house.

     Having that area sprayed with water or a garden area will be cooler.

    In the morning - close all windows and blinds. This will prevent hot air blowing in, until it gets too hot then follow sequence above.

    You can make diy (swamp) coolers by sitting unglazed bricks or tiles in a dish of water and blow air through it with a fan. You can make a water feature out of this with a very small pump and put in a shady spot. It works until the humidity is so high you want to crawl under a rock.

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    turn off all heat,crack windows at top to ventilate heat out,get fans,open a bottom window at night tor fresh air,place the fan up high so it blows out the upper window,

    use a garden hose to spritz early in the day on the sin facing side,the opposite end around 4-5 PM,,get the roof too,close windows while spritzing,,evaporating water brings cooling to the whole house,,why is heat turned on?

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    Turn the heat OFF.

    During the night time, open your windows so the cooler night air comes into the house. You can use a fan to circulate the night air. Come morning, close the windows and cover your windows on the sunny side of the house. Keeping the fan on to circulate the air. Moving air is cooler than stagnant air.

    Run a dehumidifier. Taking moisture out of the air reduces the humidity.

    Wear light weight cotton loose fitting clothing. Eat cold meals so you do not have to cook  and stay hydrated with water, not alcohol or sugary drinks

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    You can make a homemade AC unit without any tools or fancy equipment using a styrofoam cooler, some ice and a simple table fan. Here are directions on Youtube:

    Youtube thumbnail

  • elhigh
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    4 months ago

    The best way to make a home cooler is to stop the heat ever coming in.

    Shades on the window are good, but that heat has already made it through the window.  If you can put awnings or otherwise shade windows from OUTSIDE, you stop the heat before it ever comes into the building.  Bright white shades are obviously your best bet.

    Shading the building walls themselves is good too - anything that stops energy from striking the structure.  You can put up a trellis with climbing vines, plant trees, put up a temporary frame supporting vertical shade cloth, or even build a permanent wall that is physically separated from the building wall by an air gap.

    This guy in the Philippines wanted a cooler home, and didn't have easy access to AC so he followed these steps, and just read the report.  It's fascinating stuff, using shading he reduces daytime inside wall temperatures from 45c to 28c - an enormous reduction.

    Stop the heat before it comes in.  Then, when temps are comfortably low overnight, run fans in windows on one side of the home to pull air out, and windows open on the cool side (north or east side, in the US) to let fresh air in.

    I've been doing the overnight fan thing for decades, and can usually hold off turning on my HVAC for the first time every summer until mid-June.

    Good luck with it.

  • 4 months ago

    you could try running a fan

  • 4 months ago

    Open up windows and doors at night when it's cooler.

    Use fans to move air around and out. There are floor, standing, and window fans.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I guess a fan never occurred to you?

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