How do I get past the start screen on my Plastation 2 game?

I recently bought Simpsons Hit n' Run for my old PS2 thaat I found while clearing out my house. However whenever I load up the game it will load up fine untilI get to the 'start' screen where it tells me to press start however whenever I do so it doesn't do anything the 'press start button' prompt just stays there flashing at me. This doesnt happen with any other game apart from Need for speed underground 2 where i have the same issue?

any help appreciated

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I would consider cleaning the lens on the ps2 for microscopic dust (trust me, it’s a common issue for the console). If you have a fat PS2, there’s guides on how to open up your ps2 to clean its optical drive lens. Google it. But if it’s a slim one, then all you really need is a q-tip with a small amount of alcohol. 

    Your other option is clean the disc if possible.

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  • 1 month ago

    this is my best guess it is scratched so you can either use a cloth on it and clean the under side of the disc , or clean it with water a little water on a cloth not too much now and clean the smears but make sure it is dry before putting back into the cd drive of you will break the laser thanks ian

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