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When do I need to see a doctor for a UTI? ?

I'm a 22-year-old female who has been extended experiencing the symptoms of a UTI for the last week almost. (Burning while peeing, really frequent need to pee, cramps, etc.) I don't have insurance and can't really afford to right now. I've been drinking lots of water, cranberry juice when no sugar, and was taking Equate UTI pain relief tablets for two days as directed. The burning changes in intensity and it's not as bad right now but I think my kidneys are starting to hurt me (aching/throbbing pain at like a 5/10) I want to know if I need to see a doctor and if not how I can get rid of it at home because I really can't afford it. (Also I took an AZO UTI test strip earlier today and the top strip came back medium purple/positive.) Thank you

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  • Lili
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    As soon as you think you have one.  A UTI needs to to be treated as soon as possible with antibiotics. Yes, it can spread to the kidneys and even into the blood stream if you do not start treating it ASAP.

    Do NOT drink cranberry juice.  While cranberry juice may help prevent a UTI (though studies have shown the effect is minor), if you actually have one, its acidity will only increase your discomfort.  It will not cure a UTI either. Drinking water is a good idea, but it won't flush out the bacteria.

    Get to a doctor as soon as you can.  Find a clinic of some kind, some place that's relatively inexpensive. They see a lot of UTIs.

    You can't get rid of UTIs at home. Sorry.

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    There is NO home remedy or OTC medication that you can take that will cure a UTI, after you've got one.  There might be some home remedy or OTC medication that will help reduce the effects of a UTI in its beginning stages, but they can't cure one; not once it's established. 

    In order to cure one, you MUST see a doctor, so that he can do a urinalysis and prescribe some antibiotics. Antibiotics are the only thing that will cure a UTI. If left untreated, a UTI can easily turn into a very serious kidney infection.

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    UTI's can back up into your kidneys and kill you. Kidney pain is more than enough to signal that you should get medical attention STAT. Maybe a virtual doctor appointment will be less expensive. Good RX coupons can save you money on prescriptions at places like Walmart or CVS. All of the things you've been doing is the right thing to do, but it's only effective in clearing up a UTI right in the beginning if you can catch it early enough. I have cystitis and get chronic bladder infections, so I check my urine whenever I pee (I just look in the toilet) and if it's cloudy I take cranberry pills - which is a lot better than cranberry juice, even if it doesn't have added sugar. Cranberry pills and lot of water usually clears up UTI's for me. There's also a UTI at home test that comes with an antifungal pill which works in addition to water and cranberry pills. If you haven't gotten medical attention yet, you should get it because you don't want the infection to back up into your kidneys and enter your bloodstream. Hope this helps and you can get relief.

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    you could try d-mannose, (amazon has it--get it shipped fast) which is a super concentrated form of cranberry.  it will only help with utis caused by ecoli….but it does work well for them--you should be drinking LOTS of fluids, flush out as much bacteria as caffeine, no nylon undies, no bubble baths, no booze--take it easy on any carbs because sugar is food for bacteria.  if you have a fever-go to the doc.

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    The only treatment for a UTI is antibiotics. It sounds as if the infection has spread to your kidneys and if you don't get treatment asap you'll end up hospitalized which is far more expensive. If you refuse to get treatment then you're looking at kidney damage, kidney failure or sepsis which will put you in the ICU or kill you. Surely there must be a free clinic you could attend.

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    how much cranberry juice a day... a cup? a litler? gallon?

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    you need to visit the doctor even if there is no insurance. 

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