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Parents don't let me wear leggings?

Im a guy, 16. I want to wear leggings (sport) because they enhance my sport performance and experience, and because they feel good too.

My parents think that leggins are for gays (I have nothing against homosexual) and they don't let me wear them, even if I buy them with my own money.How can I convince them that leggings are not a girl's clothing? They are sold at men's section too in sport stores.

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    Leggings are not for “gays” if you go online and look up athletes many males wear them ! Do your parents watch dancing with the stars? The olympics? Etc? Then they’ve supported men wearing leggings. You’re wearing them for sport, not like they’re going to be Victoria’s Secret leggings that say “PINK” in glitter across your bum.. (even if that’s what you chose that’s fine). Maybe try a tighter fitting jogger? Or maybe some underarmour shorts ? My bf loves those ! 

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    im guessing you wear leggings with shorts? if so that's normal. id show your parents pictures online of them to try and normalize it. but honestly why does it matter what your parents think? parents today are from a different generation and are more old fashioned/old-school. id just keep my leggings and hide them or not wear them around ur parents. if u cant be comfortable wearing a article of clothing around your parents e.g. croptop you usually shouldn't be wearing it. im 15 myself but I think u need to look online for confidence advice on YouTube. everyone at our age in insecure and since we have time off we can work on yourselves.

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