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starbucks baristas help??!!!?

OKAY! so i go thru a starbucks drive thru every morning when i work (which is only Mon, Wed and Fri right now due to covid). i just bought a house and started going to this starbucks two months ago. one barista is there every morning around 0730 and he’s usually as the window. he recognizes me and makes conversation every day i see him. today he wasn’t at the window but he was making drinks. when he heard my voice he literally turned around and waved at me. i dont even know his name which sucks, but he is SO handsome. how do i go about talking to him? unfortunately i’m in a military uniform in the morning so i can never look decent or cute... but still. it doesn’t hurt to try.


i would like to go there more, but not sure of how starbucks shifts work? i’m sure i’ll go back to working 6 days a week soon.

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    Go back at the same time, if you don't see him then ask what shifts he works. When you do see him, offer your phone number to him on a piece of paper.

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