My boyfriend says I am “ too sensitive “ and that I should stop caring about what others say/think... but I can’t. ?

Let me tell you how this all started. I posted a photo on Facebook and IG ( full body on FB and just my face on IG ) his mom commented and this is copy and pasted “ Expecting a grandbaby? “ and than his cousin commented on just the selfie I posted on Instagram “ Girl, are you pregnant? “ I cried after I seen both. My boyfriend on the other hand is all like “ **** what they say. I’m with you and love you etc “ I know I have gained weight.. but to see people comment on it honestly just makes me feel so depressed/disgusting and I also was diagnosed with PCOS so its triggering to me when people ask me about “ children “ because I do want to be a Mom. Like badly one day. So, its now a few days later and we are at  my moms house and she calls  me “greedy” because I wanted more food and also goes on about how “ we all need to lose weight “ but she was jabbing at me... mostly... I feel like because she looks fine.... but whatever and I cry again and he gets upset at me for being sensitive to being called greedy which just triggered everything again. Again instead of just listening and hearing me out its always “ Who cares what they say and stop caring what they say “ and that I am being too insensitive. Its fustrating because its like he wants me to be as strong as him when it comes to people talking about you and I just can’t... it eats me up...  ***If you don’t know what PCOS please research before you reply and 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    First of all, I'm sure you are a beautiful woman who any guy would be lucky to be with. Having negative comments made your weight and appearance is never a nice thing. Therefore, I do not think you were overreacting in being upset by this. What your boyfriend needs to remember is that remarks like this can affect your confidence and ultimately your mental health.

    My advice would be to stand up for yourself and tell these people off for making those remarks. I think that once they see that you will not tolerate these sorts of comments, they will think twice before making them. In terms of dealing with the mental aspect of these comments, you do not have to justify yourself to anyone. As long as you are happy with your body and your boyfriend loves you then that is all that should matter. Good luck and I really hope this helps :)

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