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Does my dad hate me?!?

I’m not really close to either of my parents but I go to college now and am home for the summer. we were in the car going to my aunts house and he was telling my mom abt my sister going to college ( he didn’t think I could hear ) and he was saying how he thinks he could get scholarships and stuff like that. He also said he didn’t want her to go too far. 

He already shows favoritism to my sister which bothers me. He buys her whatever she wants

I go to college 4 hrs away and he has no problem with it. We’ve been with family a lot and he’ll ignore me. I’ll even be sitting by myself trying to join a convo and nothing. He takes everything out on me! I’ll come out of my room sometimes and walk all the way downstairs and he won’t say one word to me unless he needs me to do something, whereas if my sister does it then he’ll joke and stuff with her and tell her how he loves her. I sometimes feel like a disappointment I got into every college I applied but sometimes I still don’t feel good enough. I found out today that I have to go back to college early and my dad told my sister and I walked downstairs ( he didn’t think I could hear ) and they were all excited which hurt me. When I confronted them my dad accused me of always getting mad 

Later I was reading and he was joking with my sister and I told him I was reading and he told me to shut up and called me miserable and hateful. I fired back because I was hurt and I am tired of being treated this way. 

what should I do?

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    i would hope not, maybe you should talk to him about it

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