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How do I become more of an extrovert?

I'm 17 years old and I'm somewhat introverted. I really don't want to be introverted anymore at this point. I enjoy spending time by myself but I occasionally get chastised by people (who are more extroverted) for trying to spend time by myself. Today, for example, my dad, my brother, and I walked down to this wooded area. In total we spent about one hour in the woods. I tried hinting at my dad that I kinda wanted to stay home instead of going with them, but he insisted I go. Reason being, I didn't have any interest in what they were doing. So after a while of being in the woods, I decided to sit there alone, looking at my phone. I had literally no interest in what they were doing. They were observing these trees and this creek in the woods. I was bored out of my mind just standing there looking around, so I walked over to an area to just sit by myself and enjoy myself while they observed what they were looking at. My dad chastised me after a while, he asked me "why are you acting like such a loner, why are you just sitting there." I went over and I told him that I just wasn't interested in what they were looking at and then he responded hastily "you can't even just pretend to be interested?!" Then he said "I guess you're just not a social person!" Then he just angrily told me to go back to looking at my phone. Like I said, I'm more of an introvert than I am an extrovert and I have attention issues, I don't really think I'm in the wrong here but can I become more extroverted?

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