Should I tell my Mentor Happy Birthday even though she hasn't responded to my emails in a month? ?

I emailed my mentor to ask for help and she quickly helped me and told me to ask her anything about ethics. (she is a doctor and I'm pre-med) when I did she never responded. So I thought my questions were too deep and that maybe made her feel uncomfortable to answer. So I sent an apology email two weeks later. Still no response! Today is her birthday and I was going to send her a message wishing her Happy Birthday but maybe I shouldn't! 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    maybe she is just busy, with this current situation at the mo she could be rushed off her feet, i am sure she hasn't ignored you and has a good reason, you should send her a happy birthday message. lets say she was busy then it would be something nice to open if that makes sense :) 

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