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What does this John Piper quote mean?

Satisfying in God is easier when everything is going well. But when what you love is being pulled from your hands, then the test is real."

- John Piper

Specifically the bit about “what you love is being pulled from your hands”

It was posted on the Facebook profile of my ex, after she dumped me, suddenly, and appeared to regret it after but is adamant she won’t change her mind

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    It simply means that it is easy to please God when everything is going great in your life but when things go badly you realize that it isn't nearly as easy. She said she claims that she's adamant about not changing her mind. You should take that seriously and move on with your life, which probably should include not checking her Facebook page anymore. Obviously, the quote has nothing to do with you.

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    • David B.
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      Tom; That may very well be but that does not mean that she will change her mind. In fact if I had to guess, whatever caused her to break up with you hasn't changed anyway.

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