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Are all dentist rip off?

My last dentist from 4 months ago told me I had like 7-8 cavities as well as periodontitis. It was about to be like $400 out of pocket.

I saw a new dentist yesterday and they could not find any cavities.. they did the same x-rays and what not. Said I needed some cleaning but not deep. I'm like cool until I'm guessing the owner shows up and said I have periodontitis and they'll have to do laser treatment and what not. Would be $600 out of pocket. Wtf? And do I even need the laser part which is $200 each side?? Anyway none of this adds up 

I'm barely 28 and take care of my teeth for the most part. Do theyy just want money? I've never met an honest dentist they're worse than machenics

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  • 1 month ago

    No, not all.

    It is likely you have serious problems.

    Go to any other DDS for an opinion, get quotes for treatment.

    The rip offs are in Vanity.

    Teeth Bleaching, (aka whitening)

    Orthodontist, "Straightening".

    Any treatment that is not *necessary* to provide relief when eating, chewing.

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  • 1 month ago

    I suggest you find a better way to choose a dentist. Ask around and find one your friends recommend. That is the approach I have used and I have never had a bad one. 

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