How come the Anti-Lockdown protests didn't result in tear gas, rubber bullets, and noise grenades?

A group of conservative Republicans wearing Wal-Mart grade tactical gear storming government buildings and blocking traffic including hospitals hoisting guns waving the Nazi and confederate flags screaming in people's faces about anti-vaccines conspiracy theories with no masks or social distancing during a pandemic all because they can't go to a packed TGIFriday, going as far to threaten governors lives.  NOTHING, Not a God damn thing.  [Stupid ars based on ENTITLEMENT]

Minneapolis people peacefully protesting, suddenly cops fire tear gas, rubber bullets, and noise grenades at the protesters turning the protests into a riot. [Justified cause]

Don't you F'kin see it yet?


Oh right Donald J. Trump advocated the anti-lockdown protests and already labeled the Minneapolis protests 'thugs'.

Update 2:

"Because those peaceful conservative Republicans didn’t resort to violence, looting, and destruction of property." NEITHER DID THE MINNEAPOLIS PROTESTERS, until fellow cops who were triggered one of their 'boys' got caught used tear gas, rubber bullets, and noise grenades on peaceful protests.

Update 3:

"Completely false. The police acted AFTER the liberal democrats became violent and started looting."  Prove it, firsthand accounts say otherwise with footage.

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    1 month ago
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    The anti-lockdown protestors had Trump's support.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Being the White supremacist you are, you're obviously ignoring facts and trying to make black people seem to support violence for the sake of violence. Quit now. It's really disgusting. Words don't mean anything in america, ACTION does... and while you're intentionally ignoring what happened so that others call you out on it, the fact is that all you're doing is trying to make Black Americans look like wild animals.

    I get that you're a white supremacist trying to stir the pot... but the obvious reason is that those lockdown protests were small in number and never did anything really threatening. If they started firing those guns they would have been squashed in minutes by armed forces of course.

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