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Is it possible for people to changed suddenly at a certain point of time or is it the person growing older with different outlook on people?

Umm I don't know where to begin of how would I put it into words.. I use a example first. Before ps4 age it is back in the ps3 age, online friends seem to be open minded, enjoy gaming together and (responded to messages) << important part. Then came the ps4 age people seem to restricted their messages, don't or hardly ever respond to people and if they do it in very short (keyword) response and that including even friends and i even noticed that including real life friends seems to do that but over texting more perhaps? I don't know its hard to explain but it seem there has been a shifted of changed in people in generally?

So main question is i guess (do people, can people have a shift changed appearance personality or something, or is it just the person growing older developing a different outlook on people/society, or people have always been like that but the younger the person just doesn't see/realize it yet so therefore [doesn't think about it?].)

NOTE: That even included your friends and closest friends or bff all of suddenly doing that strange new behavior but then again may not be strange but they were always like that?

I don't know if this question make sense or if anyone will get it but if there are the very few who do get it or kinda get it, cool. I would love to read your outlook on this.


"People can goes from people you know to people you don't" facts

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    Yes that can happen. It's how true Christianity works and it's because a study of the Bible can change lives that others may find drastic. Our ministry reaches individuals from all walks of life. In just the past few years, for instance, over 60 experiences have been published in the Watchtower series “The Bible Changes Lives.” Some of the people featured in these articles were formerly thieves, drunkards, gang members, or drug addicts. Others were politicians, religious leaders, or career-focused individuals. Some were pursuing an immoral lifestyle. Yet, all of them heard the good news, accepted a Bible study, made changes in their lives, and came into the truth. Therefore, we should never assume that certain people are beyond the reach of the Kingdom message. (Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.) Instead, we recognize that “people of all sorts” can respond to the good news.—1 Cor. 9:22.

    Why not take a look at some of the experiences for yourself.

    Source(s): Us > Experiences > The Bible Changes Lives
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