How can I convince my mom that I am transgender?

A year and a half ago I started feeling like I wasn't in the right body. I started enjoying wearing more boyish clothing and mostly only wanted to shop in the male aisle. I also never really liked talking to girls because I didn't understand them. Whenever I looked at my body and saw my female parts, I felt disgusted and wanted to cry. I also convinced my mom to cut my hair short (to my shoulders) but that was about it. I tried telling her many times that I feel like a boy and that I am transgender. The first 2 times she just told me that I am only like that for attention and because I am a "bored teenager". The next few times I tried to tell her she always told me "You're talking about this nonsense again? Go to your room. I don't want to hear about it" (Not exactly like that but stuff like that). I feel like she just doesn't understand me or doesn't WANT to understand me. The only time she acknowledges that I am a boy is only when there is some hard work outside which "only men do".

2 Answers

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