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What causes a home to become infested with cockroaches?

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    Damp conditions, food scraps and other dirt left lying around. Living in close proximity to an infested building or area. Not doing anything to kill them off such as putting down roach baits.

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  • 1 month ago

    For a start clean and clear food scraps. Check for roaches in the cabinets.

    Purchase insecticide meant for roaches, they have spray form, powder and baits in little canisters. It depends where you reside and what's available.

    They usually live at crevices, pay attention to the skirting along the floor.

    If you have carpet, keep them clean or roaches can harbor under or at the seams.

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    1 month ago

    Start cleaning your house.  Throw away everything that needs to be thrown away.  Clean the kitchen so clean you can eat off the floor.  Clean under the stoves, fridges and inside cabinets.  Remove all standing water.  And when you think it is clean enough, rip out everything and clean again.

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