Kat asked in HealthDental · 1 month ago

PTSD type symptoms or just anxiety?

About an hour ago my husband and I we're laying in bed after he had sprayed some febreeze in a few rooms of our house, including our room. I was fine one second and then the next I felt like I was at the dentist. I could feel a rubber glove in my mouth. I could taste metal like from a scraper. I could feel the lights on me despite it being dark in the room. I could even feel a prick in my gums like they were giving me a shot. Next thing I know I'm crying. Not sobbing, but I could not stop the tears. I have always had a fear of shots since I was a child and I've never had a good experience at the dentist. My worst being I had an anxiety attack. But that was years ago. After I calmed down I sat and smelled the febreez and I suppose it could smell like my old dentist. But it was still an odd experience. Any idea what could of caused it? Is it just anxiety or could it be a small form of PTSD?

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